Around the world with a deck of cards.

Around the world with a deck of cards is the first book to be published into the AnthonysMagic catalogue. The book includes over 50 scams using nothing but a deck of cards and simple mechanics. The content inside is easy to perfect and easy to perform, but deeply creative and fooling to spectators. Outside of magic the book covers a variety of useful topics such as confidence, misdirection, patter and human psychology.

With the skills you learn in this book, you will be able to win free drinks, meals, hotel stays and even plane journeys.

The Deck

The deck is a deck of playing cards aiming to revolutionise the way we learn card magic. Card tricks that take years to perfect will be attainable in a matter of weeks. Whilst this product is not copyrighted and protected, it can not be shown, so stay tuned for the big reveal.

Anthonys Magic Magazine

AnthonysMagic Magazine is a monthly subscription service. Each month, the reading will receive tutorials, downloads, reviews, interviews and a free deck of cards. This is an exciting project which I hope to release soon.

I am on the search for a magician/designer that would like to help with the management of this project. If you are interested, please contact me on my social media platforms.